AP Style Week 3

Zac Zehnder
2 min readSep 10, 2020

a. I gave Reverend Jamie Stokes a third of the money I had in my wallet after he gave a rousing sermon on thepulpit.

b. Proffessor Tim Gleason once lived at Four S. ash Boulevard in Akron, OH.

c. After Senator John Kerry served in the Vietnam war, he received 3 purple hearts, 1 bronze star and 1 silver star.

d. In the 1980’s, Charles lived on S. Third St. in a 2 bedroom house.

e. At 9PM, I met Jim at the movies to see Deadpool, starring Mr. Ryan Reynolds.

f. When I turned sixteen, my Dad bought me a membership to the American Automobile Association so I never had to worry about my car breaking down.

g. Jim attended Westminster college because he could get a 2 room suite in the dorms and a one thousand dollar scholarship.

h. Even when he got four Fs on his report card, Barry’s bad grades did not seem to phase him.

i. When he heard the devastating news, the Governor declared that the flag at the capital should be lowered to half-mast.

j. After he received her BA in Journalism, Tracy went to N.Y. and worked as a reporter for Newsweek Magazine.

k. Jones lost the election for Senator in Wis. to Smith by a ratio of two to one.

1. During WW 2, Sargent Bill Jones would always run towards danger to help people.

m. When Zoe was three-years-old, we put her in a day care group for the Summer.

n. When he drives on I-94, he usually exceeds 70 miles per hour.