The Merchants National Bank president and his wife were killed and two people were injured in a rollover collision on Monday afternoon in Springfield.

Police were called to the scene of Ninth and Elm streets at around 4:30pm on Monday to investigate a two-car collision in which allegedly a car carrying James Westhaver, 55, and Martha Westhaver, 60, was hit by a car running through a red light occupied by James West, 43, and Samuel Blackwater, 32, both Springfield employees from the Parks and Recreation dept. Both James and Marthta Westhaver were killed while West suffered a broken leg and Blackwater suffered two broken arms and a broken nose.

According to Witnesses, West and Blackwater were driving south on Ninth Street before they ran a red light broadsiding and causing the Westhaver car to roll over three times before coming to a rest on a light pole. West was ticketed for careless and imprudent driving but Attorney James Taylor said an investigation will follow to determine if charges while be filed.



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